Creative Production Specialist

Design Document Management

I created and maintained complete sets of master mockups in Figma for all the marketing pages for all four of our enterprise-level websites at Age of Learning.

Marketing Asset Organization

I organized and maintained our collections of image and artwork assets for the marketing department on various platforms and content management systems, including Xinet and Confluence. I created libraries and style guides in Figma that served as both asset resources and visual guidelines for the whole department. I built and maintained a creative resource library for our team, referencing important information regarding workflows and production-related resources.


Production Mockups

The AofL marketing team was still doing page mockups in Adobe Photoshop when I started there. Over time, I recreated all of the site pages in Adobe XD, then created master documents for all of them. Later, when we made the switch to Figma, I repeated the process, this time from XD into Figma. I also created asset libraries, master components, and style guides in Figma for each of our properties.

For Adventure Academy, I took the creative director’s full-size page designs, created designs for the phone version, and converted those into production-ready mockups, and creating reusable assets.

For Homeschool Plus, I created all of the site pages from a single page design provided by a creative executive.


Iterate. Resize. Repuprose.

Our standard workflow for ad campaigns was to create a range of standard square ad designs for Facebook, run those first, and then create set of banner ads for Google and other platforms, based on the best performing creative from Facebook. I excel at resizing assets like this; I pay close attention to make sure every ad looks it best, and I get turn them around quickly.

When an ad design performed particularly well, we often would make a few adjustments to it and run it again, to explore how variations in messaging, offer language, or design elements might effect performance. Regular performance meetings allowed us to collaborate on ideas to keep our numbers high and strive to push them even higher.