Lifestyle & Editorial

I’ve been shooting portraits on the streets of Los Angeles for over a decade. I love creating stories and compositions with the vibes of an urban environment, from Hollywood to downtown. I think of these as environmental portraits, because the way I capture the space is just as important to me as how I capture the subject.

Headshots & Promotional

I started shooting portraits when I was working for Lip Service and beginning to develop my photography skills. It’s remained my absolute favorite thing to photograph.

Editing & Retouching

Some before-and-after examples of my photo editing and retouching work. All photographs taken by me.

Creative Editing & Digital Art

Some before-and-after examples of my creative editing and digital artwork. All photographs taken by me.

Environments & Locations

I’ve been doing street photography since I moved to LA back in 2008, and I’m still at it, almost every day. Exploring the city, creating compositions within the chaotic urban landscape, is a regular creative practice.


I enjoy visiting some of the wonderful gardens around Los Angeles, and I love capturing the awesome beauty of nature with my camera.