Fashion & Lifestyle

Website Design

I spent several years doing creative design and production work for the retail and wholesale websites for Lip Service, a mid-size legacy apparel company in downtown Los Angeles. Projects included websites, email and social campaigns, advertising creative, and several seasonal catalogs. Below are some of the website projects I worked on, including some design concepts for Kill City, an offshoot brand focused on denim.

Email Campaigns

I designed and produced many emails during my time working for Lip Service. The company sent out several weekly emails for their retail and wholesale business.

Social Media Advertising

I’ve provided creative design and production work for a number of fashion and lifestyle properties. These projects included paid and organic social campaigns and targeted advertising creative. Below are some of the social media marketing projects I worked on.

Print Work

I have an extensive background in print design and production, including catalog layout work, print magazine ads, newspaper inserts, and direct mail campaigns.


I’ve been shooting portraits on the streets of Los Angeles for over a decade. I love creating stories and compositions with the vibes of the city, from Hollywood to downtown. I think of these as environmental portraits, because the way I capture the space is just as important to me as how I capture the subject.